Welcome to Shambalanté, a concept committed to the environment, where you will experiment full harmony with the exuberant nature that surrounds it..

We are a self-sustaining space. The Hacienda works with solar cells, from our garden we provide farm to table food; our bathrooms and showers, are perfectly integrated with nature. We create our own hygiene products and encourage the use of personal organic products such as sun blockers, cosmetics and repellents.

The food we offer is vegetarian but don't worry if you're not used to this type of food, you can enjoy delicious tacos of Jamaica flower or chilies stuffed with exquisite cheese. If you are looking to detoxify your body, we can offer you an Ayurvedic menu for your detox diet. Since we care about your health, we do not offer or allow alcoholic beverages.

We have several types of rooms, cabins and suites that inspire you to get in contact with nature and with your own being. No air conditioning in any of the rooms, but why would you want air conditioning when it makes a lot of industrial noise and seriously pollutes the environment? Here it is not necessary, since the architectural design of each room has excellent crossed ventilation and you have a ceiling fan and a floor fan to cool you out. In addition you can enjoy a night of restoration and deep relaxation with the mattresses with magnets which provide ideal temperature and levels your energy with the energy of the earth or float in a delicious hammock for "siesta" time.

The bathrooms and showers for double rooms are located in a joint area where you will have the unique experience of bathing in absolute privacy in the open and in contact with the trees, in front of a unique landscape with exotic birds singing behind you.

Inside your room you will find organic soap and shampoo, made with Neem oil, products from our organic garden and a natural insect repellent that is prepared at the Hacienda. Use only this product to chase insects, I assure you that any insect is more afraid of you than you are of him and you will have a peaceful stay without needing to kill other beings. We also recommend you to not bring any food to your bedroom. 

casa grande.jpeg

The light in the rooms turns on during periods of darkness and you will have light inside at night and early in the morning. This does not mean that throughout the Hacienda we are left without electricity. The complex of Casa Grande is an area with a big yoga hall and multiple use rooms where you can teach your workshops with audiovisual supports and electronic equipment. We can also provide projector, sound system and screen for your events during all day. 

At night, you can enjoy watching a movie under the stars at the elevated terrace or just contemplate the stars and the moon in its maximum splendor.

If you are into ceremonies, we also have ample space to create a bonfire outdoors and under the stars. Or you can immerse yourself in the magical experience of the temazcal with a Mayan ritual that connects with the ancestors of that sacred land.

You will find beautiful corners in the middle of mystic paths, gardens and next to majestic trees, to sit, meditate, contemplate in silence and enjoy the sound of nature. And if you want to explore, we offer you a bicycle service so you can visit every magical corner in  Shambalanté and nearby towns like Sudzal and Izamal.


  • Food and alcoholic beverages.
  • Portable radios, or devices for music.
  • Dryers or hair stylers.
  • Cosmetics, soaps and shampoo (will be provided in your room)
  • Footwear with high heels.


  • Comfortable walking shoes, if you have mountain boots, you can bring them too.
  • Slippers.
  • Jacket or sweater (nights and dawns are usually cool, even cold).
  • Swimsuit.
  • A hat to protect you from the sun
  • Sunglasses.


  • Keep your room clean and tidy.
  • Make sure to keep the door of your room tightly closed, never ajar.
  • Do not bring food to your room, it attracts animals and insects
  • Notify about health conditions.
  • Never walk barefoot, especially at night.
  • Do not sit on or lift stones.
  • Stay alert at all times.
  • Don't do walks on your own.